of his sickness. He returned on the 20th, having encountered very cold
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The importiince of maintaining the respiratory movements of the glottis, in
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in all cases, if sufficiently long employed, paralyze all the muscles supplied by
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pushed out from between the lids. This was removed, and was found to be
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with -our local and constitutional remedies at hand, we were not justified in
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these thai vomitincj had taken place, and that, too, induced by some acrid matter,
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regards the first and most important of them. The length of time which stran-
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ever swallowed any safety-pins they must be out long
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in order that others may do so, we will describe the microscopical appearances
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Lee read to the Physiological Society March 18, 1854, the particulars of two
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has related. ' I tried,' says he, ' to effect the reduction without removing the
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" In examining table X., we shall be forcibly struck by the fatality occa-
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of the animal economy, of a structure called the cancer nucleus. This is a
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real good, though no more than might have been equally attained by vaginal
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"I have been informed by my friend and neighbour, Dr. Samuel Smith, that,
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which fall under his notice. That in some cases, the country physician may
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bleeding from his blisters, mouth, and rectum ; and on the 24th he died.
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to the opinions of some of the best surgeons in the country, whose recent ex-
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firmly. There was but one discharge of blood peranum; this he himself
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dressed exclusively to the publishers, Messrs. Blanchard & Lea.
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An ointment composed of one part ichthyol *o ten of lanolin
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afterwards immersed, but an insignificant action, if any, can be detected.
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9lh. No tenderness of epigastrium, but soreness complained of in the hypo-
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in not too bulky a quantity, changed as required, was
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sidered. — Mr, Richardson read before the Physiological Section of the Medical
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taken with remittent fever on the 15th of November. In a few days this
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16th ult. she arose in the morning better than usual. At 11 A.M., while
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A vessel arrives at one of the wharves of a city from some foreign port — from
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scissors, from the anus to the projecting lower extremity of the posterior