influence upon the chemical metamorphosis of the ferments

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and cisterns in his capacity, at that time, of plumber, and persons in the town,

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the given case ; perhaps he is apt to ask why should

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From many sides we gather the inference that there is some-

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appeared on the tongue, yet it could scarcely l)e said that salivation was pre-

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injured herself on the palmar side of the left wrist with a

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With the work of Dr. Carpenter, now placed within his reach by the cheap,

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been discharge of fatty matters by stool.] — Monthly journ. Med. Sci. Jan. 1854,

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In the middle part of the stomach, there are only simple cylindrical glands,

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in this condition exhibits to the naked eye spots, streaks, and patches of softish

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Latin text is that of Zaccharias Sylvius, originally

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and pushing it with the vagina in the axis of that passage, continuing this

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— Letter to Gov. II. Seymour of Neto York, in Alb. Eve. Journ. April 29, 1854.

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joint, and a full-sized flap formed from the back of the leg. No difficulty was

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evidence and their value determined by weighing them

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myself, gradually and progressively, first, the cervix, and then the body through

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practical benefit to their patients from Dr. Sayre, who believes

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Vulvitis," published in the Archives> of Dermatology

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This formula was published by him in one of the journals in

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section of the nerve. Between the first two, the choice must be determined,

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care of Mr. Poland (to which we shall shortly allude), the latter decided upon

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This work is unquestionably a highly interesting and instructive one, and

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It should not be so hot as to be enervating, nor so cold as to

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colour. The stomach was injected at the cardiac orifice, its contents being the

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of the greatest importance, and it was distressing to

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might have been expected, only 4.34 per cent. Enteritis gives 112 deaths, or

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not think the disease of the arteries accounted for near all the

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a slight trace of albumin and since optic neuritis fol-

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" The intellect appeared to be unclouded, and the closest scrutiny could detect

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vania College. Delivered at the Public Commencement. March 4, 1854. By

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the corpora lutea are formed in the ovaries just as though coition and fecundation had