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inquiries, and refer them to Messrs. Pomeroy & Mills. Orange
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of these remedies, the results were not very satisfactory, as eight cases of the
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the beginning of February 1850, when all doubt of her pregnancy having,
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1843): " Pellier was the first who proposed excision of the natural cornea,
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climatic peculiarities and climatic laws of Southern California."
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one, perchance, within the yellow fever zone, and within a few days one or
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active labour. He left word to be sent for again ; but receiving no message
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produced by steam." He recommends the ordinary Perforated
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heart comes next in order. No one can fail to derive benefit from its perusal.
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Case I. Among his notes, Mr, Stanley finds the following case: About four
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atmosphere for forty-five minutes she was let out; the attack
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Cellulitis. Excision of Necrotic Areas. Ligation of
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the thyroid body? Such a connection was supposable and not unlikely.
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ployed it, seemed to benefit very decidedly by it; and I have since used it many
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means we secure, to some extent, a redistribution of blood,,
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Messrs. Rkkd & Carnrick. New York City.— Dear Sirs: I have examined yotur Pep-
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cases by the aid of the microscope; and the fluid, resembling black vomit,
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Case 56. — Mary Ann Winnie, mother of Case 53, wife of artificer Win-
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are invariably present in such cases. There has also been considerable bloody,
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grs., and repeat at 2 P. M. ; quin. 10 grs., cal. 1 gr., at 6. Night. Medicine
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soda and ammonia, phosphorus, tartar emetic, chloride of zinc,
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TuLercuIosis, etc. — Dr. BoWDlTCH was called, Fthruary 26, 1854, to see