Celebrity Collectible Items From the Movies

Many of us choose to show that dedication to the film by collecting special pieces of memorabilia from the film. Having these pieces allows us to hold on to the feeling that the film gave us, the way that it touched and inspired us in our own personal lives acquistare levitra generico. This memorabilia is […]

The History of Music Videos

Changes and advancements in technology, as well as in the ways that we access our entertainment and music, have forced music videos to change in even more ways. Here is a brief history of music videos, along with a look toward the future and what we may be able to expect. The first music videos […]

Production Music

Generally the music is composed specifically for use in Film, TV, Radio, Multimedia and Business. Since these libraries generally own all of the rights in the music they can licence it directly without the need to gain permission from composers or writers. It can therefore be licensed immediately with a clear cost to the end […]